John William Doryk multi- award winning film composer & sound designer

Original Music for Television and Motion Picture

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John Doryk has been composing original music for motion picture, television drama, animation, and radio drama for over 24 years. Click on the titles to hear and see some samples of his music

Orchestral Epic/Dramatic

Live Orchestral Music Demo

Powers of Ten (Performed by the Kiev Symphony Orchestra)

"Breaking Dawn" movie trailer cue

Judas's Descent

"Saber Legend" a Star Wars fan film


Intensity(Action chase music)


"Brennan's Theme" concept cue

"Potters Gap Blues" from Click Clack Jack


"The Journey Begins"


Into the Wild

Under African Skies

"East of Tasbaan"


Theme from "Touched By Grace"


Gulf War("For Love of Liberty")

Slave Recruitment (from "For Love of Liberty")

Bittersweet Memory( From "Memories of Pearl Harbour")



"Betrayal" from "The Other Son"

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